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OK so here it goes: I have Virtual PC installed with two machines: 1 server 2008 , and one Vista.I set them up to have static IPs from on the same sub network(192.168.0.xxx), also I gave them the same domain (don't know how hat helps ..but i did it. If I ping each other they respond OK. Now what I need is for the serve 2008 Machine to provide to the vista client some services( just for test..nothing fancy): -i need to configure a domain( not sure if already did that -i need to configure active directory( to have 1 admin account , 1 user, 1 computer, 1 server) - i need to have a webhost on the server so that the client can go to iexplorer and access a simple web page - i need to have a ftp ( I installed FTP for win server 2008 but not sure I configured ok) with 1 file to be accessed from the client. - i need to have an exchange server with 2 mail accounts. - and last I need to be able to access the server remotely from the client.

I am pretty sure some of the stuff is really easy( still I do not know how:D) and that some of the stuff is tricky . Thank you for your answers, Theo

asked Jul 07 '11 at 03:22

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Hi Theo - Yeah, like riphilbrook said, you have a lot going on!

First off - it sounds like you put both Virtual Machiens (VM's) into the same WORKGROUP, not domain. That's OK but doesn't really do much for what you need to do.

  1. Create a domain, FTP server, IIS Server, Active Directory Accounts. - First off, like riphilbrook said, you should run DCPromo on the Server 2008 machine. This will accomplish the first part of your quest. Once you promote your server into a domain controller you can play with the Active Directory accounts, to scratch that off your list, Attach your Vista VM to the domain that you just created, and put FTP on your Domain Controller (You just created that on your Server VM). Heck - finish off most of your needs at that point by installing IIS as well.
  2. Exchange Server - You will need another VM Server for this one. I don't think you can install Exchange on a domain controller. If it lets you, i'll be shocked. So spin up another server, join it to your new domain and from there you can try the exchange install.

Just so you know, this is all rather complex stuff so you will probably need to either buy a book or get some assistance. I assume your doing this for some sort of classroom assignment?


answered Jul 11 '11 at 15:46

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yowza you got a lot goin on. Well in order to really get the ball rolling the 2008 server is going to have to be a domain controller. Which means you are going to have to go through dcpromo (I hope that is still right for 2008), I'm sure microsoft has built a wizard for it. I would really start there my friend. I think worst case scenario go to the run command and type dcpromo and that will kick start you. :-)


answered Jul 07 '11 at 21:03

riphilbrook's gravatar image


Hi Guys ,

Thank you for your answers, and sorry I did not login earlier to thank you , back in July I needed this for an exam ...........the next day :D :D.

I managed to configure everything that night except the mail exchange server.

..I passed !


answered Nov 01 '11 at 03:00

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