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SIR, i need help! jst few a days ago, everything was okay about my internet i have a 600Kbits per sc connection, cable modem so my downlaoding speed is around 60-70 kbytes/s same in utorrent and in browser downlaods, i use windows 8.1 pro, 64 bits, recently my google chrome was turning slow and firefox too, i dunno if my pc was infected by viruses. i scanned wit havast and bitdefender free versions and found nothing. and yesterday when i tried to download a pdf file, i dunno why nut downlaod spee dwas horrible, started with 24 and then it was like 3-4 kbytes/s and it even failed later. i thought it was a connection problem so i restrted my connection, browing was fine everything except downloading seemed okay. i tried doing the same things with different browsers like firefox or internet explorer but the problem was same. shockingly when i tried utorrent, it was perfectly normal, it gave the ususal downlaod speed of 60-70 kbytes/s so it seems the problem was onl in downloading with broswers and no problem with browsing and utorrent. i hard resetted my pc and reinstalled fresh copy of win 8.1 but again twas the same. did it 3 times already but no change. i dunno if it is a virus or something but i am exhaousted, plzz help soon ( before formattin my pc , i backed up my files in an external hdd so it may be possible taht if tehre is a virus involved then it may have came back due to my external hdd)

P.S: i checked Speedtest.net and there too, showed 0.56 mbps , so it was normal there too :(

Yesterday night, all of a sudden, my downloads were okay, but everything came back to the same problem today morning. I randomly tried downloading some .exe files but no luck. Then i tried downloading some Dell driver from Dell's Website and it was downloading with perfectly normal speed! That time, quickly i tried downlaoding a video file from my chrome browser using an add-on that i have (i usually downlaod videos by addons that detect and capture them) installed, and it give normal speed! I thought the problem must have resolved somehow but then again when i tried to do for another video file, same problem, it stuck with 5-10 kbps. But this time something was different, although it didnt give normal speed for other downlaods, that dell driver file, when i resumed it was downloading normally.

I dont understand whats happening with my pc. Of course if it would have been only happened with my videos then it would be okay but it happens with every browser and .pdf , .exe ( even when i tried to download mozzila firefox steup from filehippo.com, there was the same issue )


so what do i do? at least i need to know what kind of absurd problem is this, is this releated to installing windows 8.1 , cuz i never had this kind of problem anytime. and i dont think any kind of viruses can affect it, and as my browsing and other downlaod operations i.e; utorrent is working fine so i can eliminate any lose connection of the cables. right? so the problem comes down to drivers or something in the system??

today, I downloaded and installed 3 realtek lan drivers ( PCIe GME ) from which one of them was from the original realtek website... and as expected, I had no luck :'( GUYS I am reverting back to XP , plz guys if u have any ideas left then help me out!!

Srry sir, i have copied my posts from some other blog cuz i coudnt get my answer there,

more info : there are some files( like an episode among the series of some show) which get normal speed once in a while in all the browsers but other similar files from the same website do not. i downlaoded some dell software and it was okay in any condition while i was downlaoding an episode from a series nad it was not okay, from the same website, i happened to come accross some random episode frm the same website which was okay, like that i get to come accross rarely some different types of files when i experiment downlaoding.

i am stuck. plzz at least tell me should i give up and intsall XP :(

it seems absurd because i never had this kind of problem, even whem i installed win 8.1 , it worked fine initially but now, no matter how many times i install it, it never gets fixed.

and also, whenever i try to downlaod ethernet drivers i.e, PCIe GME for my motherboard i.e; DG41RQ i get the same links that i have tried. and i can never find any mention of any chipset name :/ so even if i find out my chipset name, what do i do? :(


asked Aug 02 '14 at 14:46

Shawn%20Blazer's gravatar image

Shawn Blazer

edited Aug 02 '14 at 15:28

First off, take it from me, someone who also writes a lot. When you post questions this long and have a tendency to babble on, people stop reading. I am saying this because I sometimes have the same problem.

With that said, I skimmed trough your question. From what I gathered I had the same issue at one point, other than I was unable to connect to the internet at all. All my virus software I had, which was 3, didn’t detect anything. What I did was roll my computer back to a previous date of when it was working. Windows 8.1 automatically has restore points that you can revert to when you run into issues like this. This concept has been around since windows XP, but wasn’t efficient in XP. It became efficient in Vista, as much as that OS sucked.

Anyway, I would suggest restoring your computer to a date of when it was working. Also if your computer is as old as what I am thinking, since you were running windows XP on it, a lot of your hardware might not be compatible with Windows 8.1. I was running Vista on my computer and upgraded to 8.1, I got everything to work, but certain drivers weren’t compatible with 8.1 and even the manufacturers like Intel said so when I quested them. So my computer sounds newer than yours based on that, so you might have more issues than I did to get your computer working on 8.1. I figured ways around it, but that will be something you will have to experiment with if you are having driver installation problems.

Well good luck and I hope this helps. By the way, I really like 8.1, especially after I installed Classic Shell so it boots right to the desktop, getting rid of that annoying tile screen. If this does help please vote it up and possibly even mark it as the answer.


answered Aug 03 '14 at 17:09

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Thnx buddy for at least reading my stuff and giving an answer to it. BUT the problem is, i have formatted my PC multiple times since my problem began so cant restore it :( and i would also like to give ur suggestion abt eliminating the possibilities of my problem so i can corner it. First off, my utorrent works well and speedtest.net gives as expected results so, - my modem must be okay, shouldnt it? so the problem must be lying somewhere in the software part, right? and abt that, i have tried installing many drivers which should have been compatible to my network card but i dont think it made much diff.

(Aug 04 '14 at 02:07) Shawn Blazer Shawn%20Blazer's gravatar image

An Update, I re=installed XP today and alas! the problem persisted there too!! and dont know why it has suddenly started to happen like this, is microsoft kindof messing with me? cuz when i installed Win 8.1, they ask to register a microsoft acc. and so i had registered with my gmail acc. with microsoft. Since every time i reformat my pc and install new copy of windows i have to re logg in to microsoft and then if they are the one's messing with my pc somehow then it wouldnt make sense to format my computer. As, no matter how many times i do it, my profile will be the same as attached to my gmail id.

(Aug 04 '14 at 08:30) Shawn Blazer Shawn%20Blazer's gravatar image

Also, currently the copy which i have installed on my pc was downlaoded from utorrent too but i highly doubt that it makes a difference because guys at utorrent patch every premium software and i have been using many stuff from there and never experienced any kind of problem.

(Aug 04 '14 at 08:30) Shawn Blazer Shawn%20Blazer's gravatar image

Well, torrents download, or anything downloaded off the Internet could cause issues. People can plant viruses in anything that you download, even if antivirus doesn't detect it. The good programmers can even make the virus destroy your hardware. Since these are illegal software that you have, Microsoft could be messing with you, as you put it, but unlikely if your software is registered. You can tell if it is registered by holding down the Windows button on the keyboard and then pressing the Pause Break button. A window will open and at the bottom it will say something about Windows being active. If it says this then you are registered, otherwise there will still be an option requesting that you register. If you aren't registered then that could be an issue.

(Aug 04 '14 at 15:43) zines zines's gravatar image

If everything looks good from that perspective then read what I posted here: http://answers.groovypost.com/questions/2789/reestablishing-wi-fi-connection

The question for that post was in regards to a laptop and a WIFI connection, which I am guessing you are using a wired desktop. If that is the case then just ignore the part about looking for a WIFI switch on your computer, but the rest of the process will be the same.

(Aug 04 '14 at 15:43) zines zines's gravatar image

yes, my software is registered. I'll try reconnectting my modem cables. Should i also try reconnecting my motherboard cable insie the cabinet of my cpu :o as i have changed my system from win 8 to XP and then again to windows 8 and the problem resisted so then should it imply that the problem must with my ISP or modem or its connections??

it should should imply that but then again the contradiction comes is that my torrent downlaods are the same as ever and my browsing speed is also the same, only my downlaods in browsers are affected( all kinds of browsers, idm too). This problem also started suddenly overnight. cna change in something called "ping" ( idk much abt that) may have caused it?? ** i think i may have observed a website, www.irctc.co.in , which is used herein india to book..

(Aug 05 '14 at 13:07) Shawn Blazer Shawn%20Blazer's gravatar image

....cont. railway tickets, and therefore a very busy and slow site. But now, its even slower(maybe) But my usual sites like google,fb, rediff,etc dont seem changed that much.(although, they sometimes hang up now)

the only thing that seem to have remained 99% intact is my utorrent downmloads. That's all the info i can remem right now, that i have collected.

(Aug 05 '14 at 13:09) Shawn Blazer Shawn%20Blazer's gravatar image
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