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My wife says an internet connection is required for our home WiFi to work as an IP is needed. Why is that, and is there way to connect my iPhone remotely to my PC over a local WiFi without an internet connection?

asked Nov 17 '13 at 10:13

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When you say IP I presume you are talking about an internet service provider or ISP. Most people setting up a home wifi network would have an internet connection through an ISP but it's not actually required.

If you have a wireless router but no internet connection you can still connect all your PCs, printers, phones etc to it, just select your network name and enter the wireless password on each device you want to connect. You just won't be able to access the internet.

You will also need an app to facilitate file transfers between your iPhone and PC if that's what you want to do.
There are loads to choose from, I use one called AirDisk Pro (link below)

Using the app you can easily transfer files locally between your iPhone and PC, no internet connection required. You just open your browser on your PC, enter the address shown on the app and you can transfer files over wifi directly from and to your iPhone. I have the address set up on the bookmarks bar in my browser to save typing it in all the time.

You can also use the app to transfer files using Bluetooth between iPhones.

If you tell a bit more about exactly what you want to achieve with your home network then there might be more appropriate apps that someone knows about to recommend for you.

If you need any further advice on using the file transfer apps or setting up your network let us know.



answered Nov 17 '13 at 13:42

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Simon H

edited Nov 18 '13 at 06:40


I do not quite understand your question, you have your computer connected to a wireless router, but no internet service. Right? And you want to connect your iPhone to the computer through the modem? You should be able to make the connection, if you know the name of the network, i.e. 2WIRE259, and the wireless password. Both of these should be located on your modem/router. However, with the computer, or the iPhone, you will not be able to access the internet, only use this set up as a network to transfer files between the two.

HTH, Travannah

(Nov 17 '13 at 21:10) Travannah Travannah's gravatar image

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I am aware of, and have the iPhone apps that allow for local file transfer.

We have a home network with a separate cable modem and router. Once when we lost the internet connection, I could no longer communicate with my PC from my iPhone over the WiFi using my home wireless, addressable IP webcams, LogMeIn, StreamToMe BDrive, Polkast or VLCStreamer. I use these services either when at home over WiFi, or over the internet when not at home. My wife said to use WiFi I needed an addressable IP provided by the ISP.

I was asking mostly because I didn't realize/understand if indeed an ISP is needed to provide an addressable IP to use these services. Seems to me if it is entirely local to the home, it shouldn't have anything to do with the internet or ISP. Just trying to understand how this works.

Hope this makes sense.


(Nov 19 '13 at 15:45) jax200 jax200's gravatar image

The logmein service and Polkcast are not entirely local. The data is transferred between your PC and iPhone via the logmein or Polkcast servers so if you have no internet access then neither of these services will work. I think the BDrive service also works in the same way however I have never used it.

VLC streamer I've used once and it can work localy over wifi without an internet connection so not sure why this didn't work. Maybe your router assigned a different IP address to your computer but that's just a guess.

Bottom line, you are right, if it's entirely local to the home it doesn't have anything to do with the internet and should work without it.


answered Nov 19 '13 at 21:33

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Simon H

"My wife said to use WiFi I needed an addressable IP provided by the ISP" is incorrect.

Wi-fi is a wire less way of communication between two wi-fi enabled gadgets. Example: My iMac computer and my Apple TV. Each will issue automatically its own IP address. No Internet connection is needed for the basic usage but Apple being Apple want me to connect to other things on the Internet, which I do. BUT I do not need in Internet connection for it to work. Simply put an IP is just an address, I am here nnn.nnn.nn.nn.

However if I wish to open a route to the outside world from either my iMac or AppleTV I need to connect to an ISP. That is an Internet Service Provider.They are the stage post that sits between you and the WWW. Your router will assign an IP address to itself. All your gadgets will keep their addresses.


answered Jan 03 '14 at 05:59

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