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Hey groovy folks,

I have a wireless CODi mouse (model no. A05013) that doesn't work. The mouse powers on, when I turn it on, but when I plug it into any computer, it does not move the pointer. When I went to the device manager, it doesn't display any drivers associated to the mouse under "Mice and other pointing devices. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!


asked Sep 15 '13 at 15:31

jshepp's gravatar image


Also, I've tried using this mouse on 3 different computers without any success.

(Sep 28 '13 at 12:54) jshepp jshepp's gravatar image

According to their website.

No drivers are required (plug and Play)

No pairing is required

Supported operating systems Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 & 8, Mac OS X v10.1-10.8

So looks like If the batteries are ok and you have one of the above operating systems then the mouse must be faulty



answered Sep 16 '13 at 14:26

Simon%20H's gravatar image

Simon H

I've gone ahead given up on this mouse and have gotten a replacement.

(Oct 06 '13 at 15:24) jshepp jshepp's gravatar image

Good call @jshepp :)

(Oct 08 '13 at 00:27) Steve Steve's gravatar image

Did the mouse come with a CD with drivers on it? If so, you need to install them. If not, go to the webpage that makes your mouse. Find the drivers and install them.


answered Sep 16 '13 at 09:53

zines's gravatar image


I received this mouse for work from my employer. The only thing I received was the mouse itself with it's little USB connector and the AAA battery.

(Sep 28 '13 at 12:49) jshepp jshepp's gravatar image

It says no pairing needed, but there has to be something done in order to sync up to the USB adapter/dongle to the mouse itself, I have never seen a wireless mouse that didn’t require pairing of some sort with the dongle. Usually there is a button or something on the USB dongle that you have to push, then on the bottom of the mouse there is typically a button you need to push in with a pin/needle for a second or two. Think about it logically, if there wasn’t some sort of pairing and you had two of these mice for two different computers in the same room, how would you prevent mouse A from accidently controlling computer B? You wouldn’t, mouse A would be controlling both computer A & B at the same time, just as mouse B would be controlling computer A & B at the same time. You wouldn’t be able to work because the two mice would constantly be in conflict with each other. So there has to be some sort of pairing in order for it to correctly recognize the proper dongle. If there isn’t some sort of pairing, it is a bad product and I would see about getting your money back.


answered Sep 16 '13 at 21:23

zines's gravatar image


@ Zines - You have ignored the more likely and IMO more logical explanation that it comes pre-paired to the USB dongle or the pairing sequence occurs automatically.

Either way this mouse should just work; no CDs, no installing drivers and no pushing buttons for pairing.

If it doesn't then it's faulty.

(Sep 17 '13 at 05:34) Simon H Simon%20H's gravatar image

Can't find this reset button you're referring to. There is an On/Off switch, LMB/RMB, Scroll Wheel, and CPI button and Forward/Backward buttons the side.

(Sep 28 '13 at 12:51) jshepp jshepp's gravatar image

I am sure you already tried the on/off switch. Typically if the device is on, there will be some light to show it’s on, usually red or blue on the USB device. Being that it’s optical there should also be a light on the bottom of the mouse when it is on. If the mouse doesn't have a light on it, then the mouse is off, the batteries are dead, or the mouse itself is defective. If there is no light, try to replace the batteries. I assume you already know all of this though. The last thing to do then is to write to the company. They do have a page on their website to contact them. I guess contacting them would have been the first thing I would have done if the product wasn't working. Tell them your issue and ask for help, a replacement, or a refund.

(Sep 28 '13 at 14:50) zines zines's gravatar image

Also, I am not sure what this is for the description for your mouse "1600/800 DPI resolution switch button quickly changes resolution without using mouse management software". I copied that from the website, I never heard of a switch like this on a mouse. I know what DPI is, but the switch is odd. Did you try to flip the switch as well? This idea sounds dumb to me and has no logic at all, but maybe your monitor needs to be a certain resolution for the mouse to properly work. Like I said, that is farfetched and sounds dumb, but it might be worth a shot. Anyway, as I previously mentioned, I would contact the company.

(Sep 28 '13 at 14:57) zines zines's gravatar image

If the batteries are good it should be plug and play.

All I can think of is to press the reset button on the mouse if it has one.


answered Sep 15 '13 at 16:22

Simon%20H's gravatar image

Simon H

If there's no reset button then there's nothing you can do.

Like I said this mouse should just work if the batteries are good. It doesn't require you to install drivers or pairing as Zines suggested.

Also the DPI setting on a mouse has nothing at all to do with the screen resolution as Zines seems to think.

It's to do with how many dots per inch the mouse reads. The higher the DPI the less physical movement is needed to move the cursor making it move faster.

Loads of mice have a switch with 2 DPI settings so that the user can set the speed of the cursor from the mouse rather than by using software.

The DPI switch won't stop the mouse working because it's nothing to do with your screen resolution.

So you tried it on more than one computer which rules out a faulty USB port therefore if the batteries are good the mouse is definitely faulty.

Since this is a work mouse, your first port of call should be your companies tech support so they can arrange a replacement from the manufacturer.


answered Sep 28 '13 at 16:17

Simon%20H's gravatar image

Simon H

I was reading through this mess, and it is an extremely slim chance, but what Zines said is a possibility, with the monitor causing the issue. It is very rare, almost like winning the lottery, but I have seen it happen, especially if you are using two or three monitors on one computer. Typically it will be the third monitor causing the issue, it's all due to most people having to use a USB adapter to plug the third monitor in since most video cards do not support three monitors typically. The drivers that are used to install the USB adapter to connect the third monitor will often conflict with other devices. Yes Simon, I have actually seen this affect mice before as well, including wireless mice. I have also seen this where it was preventing certain applications from launching. How I was able to fix the application issue was by just disabling the monitor temporarily, once the application launched then I could reenable the monitor again and everything worked fine. When I had the issue with the mouse, there was nothing that could be done, I had to use a wired mouse. When I disabled the monitor, the mouse worked, however when I reenable the monitor the mouse stopped working again. So yeah, it is possible for the monitor to affect the mouse depending on how your set up. But yeah, more than likely as Simon already said it's probably a defective mouse, you should look into getting it replaced.


answered Sep 28 '13 at 20:31

Brackula's gravatar image


@Brackula if anyone has given incorrect advice then it's fair to point this out as I do so we can all learn from it. However referring to this as a mess is meaningless and unhelpful.

You should also read the question properly then you would see that he has tried the mouse on 3 different computers which rules out the already highly unlikely driver conflict.

(Sep 29 '13 at 07:08) Simon H Simon%20H's gravatar image

Simon, I did read the question and I did see that he tried it on three different computers. If his work is setup anything like mine, then all three computers would have three monitors with all of the same hardware, drivers, etc. If this is the case, that all three computers/monitors/USB cables are all the same (exact identical computers and how they are setup), then it would be assumed that the issue would be the same on all three computers he tried. That is why I said that. His work might not be the same and the setup might be different for each computer. At the end I did say that I agree with you, most likely it is a bad mouse and needs to be replaced.

(Oct 04 '13 at 00:34) Brackula Brackula's gravatar image

So you were fully aware how ridiculously unlikely your suggestion was.

That makes it even more contemptible of you to label other peoples suggestions as a mess, especially when they are much more likely and sensible than anything you have said.

(Oct 05 '13 at 04:55) Simon H Simon%20H's gravatar image

On all the computers, I was working on with one monitor. All 3 computers were different set ups. (1 is a Desktop PC, 1 is a Dell laptop, 1 is a HP laptop)

(Oct 06 '13 at 15:22) jshepp jshepp's gravatar image

@Brackula I have deleted your last comment for the following reasons.

  1. It added no value whatsoever to the question or the site.

  2. It was personally offensive towards me, telling me I should learn to read.

If you have something constructive or helpful to say then by all means post it on here.

If you just want to behave like a troll then go somewhere else.

(Oct 06 '13 at 19:05) Simon H Simon%20H's gravatar image
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