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I have been having much difficulty lately with my Flash Player crashing in Firefox. I've exhausted myself trying to find a solution to this issue and have had no success in making this problem go away. I am running FF 23.0.1, Windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1. I've checked to make sure that Shockwave Flash is up to date within FF and it is, showing v. 11.8.800.94. I've removed it and re-installed, no change. I've cleared my cache and that helped only once but it no longer makes any difference. It seems to only be happening within FF if I use IE it doesn't seem to happen, or at least I haven't experienced it yet. I know, solution is to use IE instead of FF, but I really do prefer FF over IE - except for this issue, which is becoming more and more of an issue for me. If I can't find a solution, and my Help Desk at work is stumped on this, then I'm just going to have to stop using FF and go back to IE solely.

asked Sep 04 '13 at 15:28

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I would try to uninstall both flash and FF to see if that helps. After uninstalling them I would reboot the computer, probably unnecessary but it doesn't hurt, sometimes results are better depending on the application. Once the computer reboots first install FF and then install flash. On a side note, flash in general is an unstable program, it always has been, and so is java. FF always has had issues with flash. It’s possible that an update for flash was done and FF has issues with the update.

The other thing I would recommend doing is scanning your computer for viruses to see if anything is affecting that. If you are allowed to use it at work, I would recommend downloading Spybot - Search & Destroy (Make sure you get the correct one, there are knock offs of this program out there that looks almost the same as the original, the original is free and works well). I would also recommend downloading Ad-Aware Antivirus (used to be called Lavasoft), which is also free. These two programs search more for spyware and trojan stuff more so than viruses, although they do check for viruses too. They do a better job at finding stuff over any virus program I have used and I have used many. When I scan my computer I first run Norton utilities, which is what I use for virus protection, then I run these two (one at a time). Make sure to do a full scan.

I hope that helps, if it does, please vote this up.


answered Sep 05 '13 at 07:55

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We had already uninstalled FF and flash and re-installed and that didn't resolve the issue.

I did contact my IT guy and he wouldn't allow me to use the programs that you recommended but my company allows us to us Malwarebytes so we scanned with that and then did a scan with CCleaner. They did find a couple of things but nothing major. Once the files were removed there was no change in the performance with FF and Flash.

I have opted to try Chrome instead of FF. I've been using it for only a couple of hours but have not had a flash crash yet, I normally would have had one with FF by now. Hopefully that will resolve my issue. It's just too bad that Mozilla hasn't fixed this issue, which they most certainly are aware of!

Thank you very much for your support! I'm voting you up :-)

(Sep 05 '13 at 16:14) Winterchick Winterchick's gravatar image
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