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Hello - I have a Verbatim Flash Drive that has all my BRAINS on it as I am traveling this week... Using the flash drive as I always have it all of a sudden gone dead. The light doesn't show up anymore but when I insert is in any number of multiple ports the computer acts (with sound) as if it is accepting it but the drive doesn't come and hence the files do a no show. IS there any way I can work with the Flash Drive and recover what is on it? Thanks, Heinrich

asked Mar 07 '13 at 11:55

Heinrich%20Klinge's gravatar image

Heinrich Klinge

Nope, that is the problem with flash drives, they are solid-state. If the drive is truly dead, there is no chance of recovering data off of it. The computer plays a sound because it recognizes something being plugged into it regardless of what the object is. There is one option to see if it is truly dead, and that is to go to the control panel and go into computer management. There should be an option for disk management or drive management something like that. It will list the hard drives and their letters in this utility. If the flash drive is plugged in it will show up here, if it is unassigned you can assign it a drive letter and it should work. If the flash drive does not show up, it is a dead drive and there's nothing can do about it. That is why you should always keep a backup copy of everything.


answered Mar 08 '13 at 07:58

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Thank you Zines..... I do have it all with some minor things not backed up but being on the road it is tough... Hadn't thought that I needed to have two flash drives using one as a back up but now I have learned.... I did the steps you mentioned above and don't have any luck.... But I want to thank yo for your answer here and much appreciate your time involved. All the best.


answered Mar 08 '13 at 09:14

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Heinrich Klinge

You're welcome. What you could do in the future is send yourself the files in an email, that would also mean that you have access to the Internet on the computer you are on and the files aren't too large. Something like a free hotmail account would work. I wouldn't do that if it was business stuff and the information was confidential, due to the fact that email accounts can be hacked and you would also be storing it on a public serve, such as Microsoft's server, where they could technically view your files. Of course, the email would be the backup and I would still save them to a flash drive.

(Mar 08 '13 at 14:39) zines zines's gravatar image

If the information isn't too sensitive, store it in DropBox or a similar online solution. That way if your flash drive fails, you always have a backup.


answered Jul 16 '13 at 10:19

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