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I came to realise that there are some apps which I have deleted from my iphone had seemed NOT to be totally deleted. hmmm.........

what I am trying to say is - e.g. I have previously installed FB app on my iphone but when I go back to the apps store and search "facebook" it was not indicated as "free" but "install" so I suspected that this s/w is still lurking in my iphone. Am I right to say that? or I can safely say it is "totally trashed" out?

if it is not totally trashed out, is there a way whereby it can be "totally wiped out" on my iphone (as if it was never install before?) possible?

I came to realise that happens on Android phones too getting into "my files" I can still see "facebook" sitting in my phone. but on the "play store" it did indicate "isntall" (as if it was never install before)

asked Aug 10 '12 at 04:27

garfield933's gravatar image


What is left on the device is probably just cache information or any other data related to the app. I believe iTunes shows INSTALL insread of FREE because it's the same when you purchase an app: once I pay my 99 cents for it I don't have to pay for it anymore even if I delete it from the iPod/iPhone. Simply spoken - it counts as a purchse which took 0.00 from your balance.

As for the leftover files - you can easily delete those in Android with the built-in file manager, but in order to get to any leftover IPA files on iOS you will need to jailbreak your device and either SSH your device, or install a Cydia app called iFile. Another option would be to do a complete reset via DFU mode, but that's a little too much.

If there really are some leftover files, your iPhone will probably delete them automatically, should you start running low on space.


answered Aug 10 '12 at 08:11

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This is a good explanation.

But to put more simply, once you buy an app from the iTunes or Android market, it is from then on permanently attached to your market account. This means that the install icon will now show up instead of the price, even on a brand new phone.

And, some files will remain leftover on the phone file system even after uninstall. Blame that on lazy/sloppy app developers.

(Aug 13 '12 at 00:36) grooveDexter grooveDexter's gravatar image

oooh...... wow wow..... now that is something that is new to me really phew

but from the explanation that DW96 gave (i.e. the purchased app) I somehow do understand the "full" idea of this. hmmm.....

the steps to "delete" totally seemed tedious for someone nerdy to IT like me. guess I will just have to "live" with it.

TQ for the explanation :)


answered Aug 13 '12 at 04:36

garfield933's gravatar image


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